Cataratas Day 1-What’s black and white and red all over….

Hey All! Hope all is going good for you. It’s Sunday here so let me publish what I wrote in my journal today on the trip to Cataratas. The following takes place between 10am and 11am on the first day of our trip from UAP(University Adventista del Plata) events occur in real time(sry had to add the 24 angle in there….*misses 24*).

It’s 10am here on Sunday Morning, and we have been in the bus around 11hrs! It feels as if this journey will never end. We are headed now to visit the Jesuit Ruins, which I think would be cool except for the steady downpour of rain. Sleep last night during the trip was miserable. It seems I woke up for every jolt or stop that was made during our journey, lol. For instance we made a stop at 3am for an individual that had food sickness. Since we were there for 40mins I decided to get off the bus more to stretch my legs than anything else. I must say, the bathrooms down here are a peculiararity to me. For instance there is no toilet paper in the stalls, instead it is all kept on a wall so you have to grab it before you go in. That combined with the fact that there is no soap makes for a lovely hygenic situation 😉 The bus is really nice, definitely one of the more comfortable ones I have ridden in. Sleep is hard because we are not fully horizontal, we come close though. I have just finished reading a book and decided to write while events were still fresh in my mind. I will write more later.

2 hours later… The following takes place between 12pm and 1pm on day one of the trip to Cataratas.
Hi again peeps. Well we decided to skip the Jesuit ruins, too much rain, not a good thing when it comes to touring and exploring. We stopped at another rest stop…a Shell gas station, yeah I did not expect to see one of those. It was nice and featured automatic toilets, sinks, etc. Gas is roughly $1/US/liter so that is not too horrible, it has dropped a lot since we have gotten here. The dirt around here has a lot of red in it, similar to arizona which brings me to my joke 🙂 What’s black and white and red all over?…..the roads in missiones when it rains….LOL..yeah basically the rain is bringing the dirt on the road, and yes I know that was bad. We are watching the movie the Mission, starring Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons. It is about the Jesuit Mission down here. We should be to our hotel in 2 hours, so I can not wait. Ready to get out of this bus!


Well I am here at the hotel now, summing up the day. We are going to eat at 8:30pm tonight, seems like forever! We got here and the room is really nice, we have wireless internet, albeit it is slow and spotty, but better than nothing. Well this is my last post for today. Should hear more tomorrow.



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