Update 2

Here is update 2 for those who did not get it, this was about 3wks ago maybe 4

¡Feliz Sabado! It is a gorgeous Sabbath day here in Argentina and there are many important activities occurring. This is the Anniversary of the University’s 110th year, and the 100th year for the Hospital so there are many important activities occurring. Last night’s evening worship was really nice as there was an english speaker so I was able to understand everything in addition to listening to the translation. Today also features an english speaker so again I will be able to understand everything that is being said, at least during the sermon. 🙂 The first week of school here was pretty good, especially since it was only a 4 day week due to a holiday on friday. I have another holiday on monday as well so that is 2 days of classes that i get to skip 🙂 which is fine by me. I have made many friends here and the people are really nice. The internet situation is looking up as well, since joining Ciber(an internet cafe) I have really had no issues, besides the fact that my Curfew is so early. There is something weird they do with the internet on Friday night-saturday night. In essence they block the internet for the entire sabbath day. The only thing that works in that time is skype, can’t even check my emails! Not sure i totally like that development, but what can I do. Anyways on to happier things. A lot of students left this weekend to go visit family or to visit the different cities, so the campus is pretty empty, which is nice. I think I have become a total rice addict, at least that is what my friends say. After last night I may be inclined to agree with them. I still can not get used to some of their customs when it comes to eating breakfast in the morning. Rather than eating it off bowls as is common in the US, they expect us to eat it off of trays! Totally not something I want to do when it comes to eating cereal, so I just grab a cup, and it works okay, I do miss bowls though. I am afraid I am going to get really fat here after eating all this food, unlimited food will prove to be a definite issue for some people down here. Spring is just starting down here and I can already tell the difference as it is getting very hot and humid. Unfortunately we have no air conditioning in our rooms, but soon they will be supplying us with fans, at least I hope so. This weekend I think I may go visit a town nearby, but not sure yet, I guess I will figure that out later. Hope you all are doing well there in the States, I am gonna get going now. Happy Sabbath and be well everyone.


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