Week 1

For all you who missed my first update, here it is again 🙂

Greetings from Argentina!!! It is hard to believe I have been here 1wk already since time has seemed to move so slow. Hopefully the pace will pick up now that we have classes. I started my first day of classes yesterday and that went well. I enjoyed my grammar class but I really did not care for the Folklore class. Basically this class will be about the gauchos for the entire 1st quarter!!! Seems like forever I know and how interesting can a Spanish cowboy be, not too terribly interesting if you ask me! I tested into the Advanced 1 level which is what I expected when coming over here, so that was a positive. I have a really great roommate, her name is Deisy and she is from Columbia. While she does not speak much English, we get along best with “Spanglish” and have been teaching each other different words in our respective languages. The culture here is extremely conservative, which is somewhat annoying at times. The thing that annoys me most is a curfew of 10:30pm. Oi does that bug me!! But I am finding ways around it. The people here are really nice, the guys for instance always take your trays when you sit at a table with them. I may have had to take my tray 1 or 2 times as the guys usually take it for us(boys in the US let this be a lesson for you, girls like to be taken care of 😉 ) which is really nice. I am just now beginning to get used to the spanish custom of touching your cheek when you greet (really not that bad when there is a hot guy :D) which is totally different from the american custom of shaking hands. The area here is very nice, the town I am in is called Libertador San Martin and it is an Adventist paradise, basically everything here closes for sundown friday and reopens after sundown on Saturday. For my first sabbath here i had to walk 2miles to the first place Adventist church was held in Argentina, man i felt like i was walking forever. Church clothes + 2miles ≠ good. Luckily though some friends and I found a nice guy willing to drop us off back in town, thus sparing us the long walk and propelling us to the front of the food line ^^. In addition this is only a one time thing due to the special Sabbath, so that is another positive. The only real detractors to my time here have been the curfew and internet connectivity on campus which is spotty at best. For the entire campus there is only a 4mb connection, for those of you in the US you have 5-10x that speed, so count your blessings. In addition to the blindingly slow speeds they block just about everything here, including youtube, myspace, and my all important Second Life. Luckily though there is a place I can go off campus to connect so life is good. Well I am going to bring this letter to a close, Hello to all, well wishes, and I miss you here in Argentina, pray for me, it will be a lonely year being away from you.


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