Iguazu Falls-Bloodsuckers

Hello Everyone,

The following takes place between 730am and 845am on the morning we head to Iguazu.

Hope your Monday is going well, today is a gorgeous day for us, and I look forward to our visit at Iguazu falls today. Just got done eating breakfast, which was not that great. I am now in my room writing a bit before we head out today, lots to pack and even more to see today at Iguazu. Will write more later….

The following takes place between 845am and 10am on the morning we head to Iguazu.

Well we have just left the hotel and all is well. Our tour guide is named Juan and he is telling us that he can speak/understand English but that he will not respond to it. So yeah….adventure number 1 ask questions in spanish about Iguazu Falls. 🙂 Well we are about to get to the park so i will write more later.

The following took place between 10am and 7pm on the day of our trip to Iguazu falls.

Once we arrived at the park the tour guide called us together around a map of the park, he then explained that we would be touring around the park until 6pm!!! Which is an insanely long amount of time. We headed off first in the direction of the lower waterfalls, it was a long walk to get there too, around 1-2miles. The waterfalls we looked at were called Dos Hermanas, which in English means 2 Sisters. Those waterfalls were really pretty, quite a sight to see. Something really cool happened while I was looking at the waterfalls. A butterfly came to rest on top of my finger. After the shock wore off I had some pictures taken with it, my little friend and I 🙂 It stayed with me for 15 minutes before flying away, man do i miss my little butterfly. We headed next for a boat ride alongside the waterfalls. This was something I had been looking forward to the whole day because it was really hot and I knew they intended to get us soaked during the ride! I took some pictures during the boat ride before they came to the waterfalls. When I saw the Captain donning his waterproof jacket, I knew it was time to put the camera inside the waterproof bag they gave us. So I reading myself, hands in the air just like a roller coaster, waiting to get drenched. The water felt deliciously cool as they took us under it, they took us under 3 different waterfalls before we headed along the river, teeth chattering as they pointed out the Brazilian and Argentine borders. The boat tour finished shortly thereafter and we exited the boat to head up stairs to get to a bus tour. I was huffing and puffing all the way up those neverending stairs, they had to be at least a 1/2 mile and really steep, but it was great. I was already pretty much dry from the boat ride before I made it to the top. Preplanning is such a good idea, bathing suit and athletic clothes dry out really fast and are a great way to get wet and enjoy yourself 😀 The bus tour was a lot of fun and we learned about some of the different endangered trees and plants. Next we headed to eat at a really nice restaurant called La Selva, they had a great buffet and it was really good. I had a mini scare while I eating there though, I discovered that there was a piece of meat in my beans, that would have been horrific if I had eaten that, luckily enough however, nothing happened. I discovered after eating that I had a bazillion (13 in fact on one leg) “badges of courage” basically tiny red bumps on the skin from my friend the mosquitoes. Luckily they do not itch, after getting some cream from our group Nurse I followed the tour guide and saw a really cool animal, a toucan. I got a couple pictures of it, however it was kinda difficult to get a good shot because he moved every time I started to take the picture. The next animal we saw was a huge tiger ant and let me tell you that thing was disgusting, it was about the size of an earwig maybe bigger and an ant, eew. We then proceeded to head over to the waterfalls, touring the upper circuit which included a 3 mile walk!!! It was tiring but worth it to see all the beautiful waterfalls, we headed to a train to make our way to Garganta Del Diablo or in English Throat of the Devil. It was a gorgeous waterfall that makes Niagara dwarf in comparison, we had to walk 1.5 miles to get there from the trains stop but it was worth it by far. The roar was intense and the view was spectacular. After taking some photo ops we finished and headed back towards the train, which took us back to the entrance. I was really tired once we got back to the hotel and I was ready for my shower. Well that concludes today, talk to you more tomorrow.


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