Cataratas Day 3 – 3 places at once

Our day began at 10am whereupon we headed to the city of Puerto Iguazu to look around and tour. When we got there we saw many kids and adults trying to hawk their wares, everything was really cheap and nice as well, however I have never been a big spender so I skipped buying much. It is really hot today and really sunny. We looked at a point near the Parana river where Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay come together. It was cool to see all three so close together, we then headed back to the bus and back to the hotel to grab some stuff. More Later..

We just got done eating and I am really full, you never have to worry about starving here, I tried some bottled wine….(just kidding 😉 ) basically it was bottled water. Now it is time to head back to the hotel for a siesta before our boat tour this evening, looking forward to that, more later.

The following takes place between 4pm and 8pm on our trip to Puerto Iguazu.

We just disembarked from the hotel after our siesta we are headed first to do some shopping…ugh (I have had enough of shopping) and then we are going on a boat ride! I am really excited about that as I think it will be fun. Short break…… Just got done shopping and we are now headed to the boat for the tour.

2 hours later….

Well we just got done with our 2 hour tour down the River Parana, it was so much fun. The breeze felt absolutely wonderful and we went to a portion of the river where we were in 3 places at once, Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil so that was pretty cool. We saw a presentation of Indigenous dancing during the tour which was nice, but generally I just enjoyed the breeze and relaxing, I sat kinda precariously on the edge at times….but don’t worry too much. The ships propellers would have broken my fall 😉

Thats all for today folks, peace!


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