Trip to Buenos Aires 2 – Pink Power

Our day began at 9:45am this morning after eating breakfast I hopped onto the bus, eager to begin the day. We are now headed to the Plaza de Mayo. This is where the Casa Rosada (the pink house) the Argentinean version of the White House is located. There are a couple of differences for instance while the US President lives in the White House, the President of Argentina lives in a house external of Casa Rosada, using Casa Rosada only for administrative work. I am looking forward to seeing all the sights, will write more later.
8 Hours Later
It has proved to be quite a busy day today. Lots of sights to see, things to do. Casa Rosada was pretty cool, as was the catholic church we attended. I saw my first mass in spanish, which was interesting. I took a whole bunch of pictures today, and even got my picture with the Argentine version of the British Guards. Except this one was nice enough to turn his head towards the camera for the photo. That was really nice. We then went to Granix, a Vegetarian only restaurant with a buffet, they had good food. After finishing at Granix’s we had free time for the rest of the day to do whatever we wished, this was followed by an outdoor Opera that basically showed most of the things we saw at the horse ranch. Will write more tomorrow.


One thought on “Trip to Buenos Aires 2 – Pink Power

  1. Well, here I am again just rereading your blog and saw that I had missed commenting on this one.Did you enjoy the outdoor opera??So, we’ve got a whitehouse and they have a pink house wonder what that says??Glad you had a nice time.Always, Ama

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