Trip to buenos Aires 3 – Boca Rules

Woke up this morning later than normal as I may have been up kinda late watching television…..oops ^_^ Anyways on the bus now and I am ready to begin a really busy day. Today we are doing a general city tour of Buenos Aires. There are going to be many stops along the way. First stop today is in the Boca section of town. This area has a lot of European influence. Nilde, one of our sponsors, is explaining this to us now. We are arriving now, I will write more later.
3 Hours Later
We have just finished eating and visiting the Boca area. It is 2pm now and we are headed to a memorial site. The Boca region was really cool, I picked up a shirt for 10 pesos! Who woulda thunk it? There was a lot of cool stuff there, the only downside is that most of the salespeople were in the tourist mode, thus everything was more expensive that it normally would have been. Getting ready to disembark for the cemetery and memorial site, will write more later.
2 hours later
We have just finished seeing the memorial and cemetery. The memorial was kinda cool as it was the Argentinean attempt at replicating Arlington National Cemetery. There were many differences however, for instance during heavy rain/storms the honor guards would leave and they also close the memorial after a certain time at night, or during siestas, so it was not manned often during the day. A comical feature of the memorial is the fact that it is directly across from British monument, as the British were the one’s responsible for the deaths of these soldiers during the fight for independence, I find it somewhat ironic that they would build the memorial so close to the British monument. After viewing the memorial site, we went to the cemetery. The cemetery was very different from those we have in America. For instance, every coffin had their own house/masoleum. It was a bit excessive I thought. We are now heading back to the hotel and have free time for the rest of the evening. More tomorrow.


One thought on “Trip to buenos Aires 3 – Boca Rules

  1. Hey Kelley,I think its there way of saying back at you, mate..Well it would be comfortable to rock around in a mausoleum, you know all that laying around, things might start to crumble…tehe..Well sounds like you’re having lots of fun and actually shopping.Wonder what you might decide to bring home??Love you, Ama

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