Trip to buenos Aires 4 – Harried on the Subway

Well we have just checked out of the hotel. I am sitting now in the lobby writing this before we head off. We are going to visit Palacio Paz today, basically a museum. Then we have free time. Some friends and I are planning to go to California Burrito club, which is similar to Chipotle, yumm! More later tonight.
10 Hours Later
Well today was quite a busy day. The Paz Palace was quite interesting and I took a fair amount of photos. After that I had 2 bits of good news. 1. I had my burrito and let me tell you that was awesome! 2. I was able to find a shop that made natural smoothies, so I had a strawberry, blueberry, and banana smoothy. It was yummalicious and I miss it already. After eating I headed off with my friend Rachael and we went power shopping before meeting up with our friends Mateo, Antonio, and their friends to explore the city. We had a blast and in essence we went everywhere. The subway we rode was quite an experience, to say the least. The first ride we took was packed so tight that I could not move. At one point my feet were off the ground and I was held upright because the bodies were packed so tight, it was disgusting, eew. Each subsequent ride was nice, we even got to ride on an old fashioned wooden subway bus, the doors didn’t even close automatically, it was really cool. Each time we entered the subway it only cost 90 centavos(cents), which is the equivalent to maybe a quarter US. After entering the subway we could use as many of the different lines we wanted for no extra charge. After getting off the subway we explored the city area, another church, saw their senate and congressional buildings, and explored a really cool bridge. It was a really busy day and my feet are killing me! I have another bit of really exciting news. While exploring we saw this cool pizza joint named Ugi’s. Since it was dinner time and we thought eating here would be cheaper than eating at the mall we decided to head in, especially since the pizza smelled so good! Inside we found out that you could get one full large pizza for 10 pesos, which is an awesome deal since that is around $2.75 USD for an entire pizza! I ate 1 all by myself and it tasted so good, like an American pizza, yumm!!! Well this marks the end of the trip, we are traveling back tonight and will not get to UAP until around 5 am…ugh. Chau Amigos!


4 thoughts on “Trip to buenos Aires 4 – Harried on the Subway

  1. Alright Kelley, who’s Mateo and Antonio?? inquiring minds want to be in the know.And hey where’s Amanda??So it was a little tight was it??Ahh those subways, what you going to do!! :DAma

  2. Well, it also sounds like you’re not missing any meals. So far you’re full of pizza and beans.. That’s an explosive combination!!whew!!And by the way thanks for the updates your grandmother appreciates them..While you’re in sunny Argentina we’re having blizzards and freezing temps. here.God loves you Kelley and so do I…:)Ama xoxoxo

  3. Hi Kelley,thanks for letting us know about all your trips and impressions. Always eager to get some news from you. Hope you meet many new friends. It’s good to know that you are having a good time. Wishing you a peaceful pre-christmas season. Take care, marc

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