Boredom and Meandering

So…I’ve come to believe that torture is sitting in a classroom on a beautiful sunny day listening to a professor drone on for 3 hours over a topic you’re already familiar with. If you agree with me, you will come to see a bit of what my day entailed. It was torture, fire and torment torture, plain misery and let me say I was wanting to climb the mountain I kept taking pictures of during the class period. When the clock hit 12pm (noon) I was out of the door as soon as the professor recognized the time – with a bit of a helpful nudging mind you – sprinting for the cafeteria. After I finished eating, I headed to my dorm room, checked my email and then decided to go for a walk. I started out on a path through the woods which steeped downward meandering down the mountain path through a part of the city I had not seen before. It was a good time, sunny with a bit of a breeze and NO RAIN. I walked through an older part of the city, across a footbridge, then across some railroad tracks, up a highway inter-pass, and finally made way though the back areas of the city before deciding it was time to head back, really there was nothing more to see. I saw the most peculiar public restroom…quite nice compared to US outdoor port-a-pots. Then made my way up the hill. It was not nearly as bad today without the rain. It was a nice walk and really a nice day a lot of pictures were taken.


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