International Red Cross and Patek Philippe

So today was an okay day. It was quite a busy one and involved tours to two locations. My favorite of the two, the International Red Cross Museum was very nice. Our tour guide was Australian and she was great showing us around, fielding questions, and really making our time in the museum a lot of fun. It was an extraordinary difference made by one man, and the museum really showed that. We ate lunch in the museum and departed to head out to Patek Philippe, a luxury watchmaker. On the tram ride over myself and two other girls were separated from the main group due to an issue in communication. Either way I was able to get us off and find our way back to the group, thanks to my handy dandy Geneva Museum Map!! YAY! We really weren’t even noticed being gone until we saw them, go figure… Anyways, the watch museum was okay, but really our tour guide there was a very condescending type of funny. A rude arrogant man who really…well was not that nice. One of the haughty European types. Anyways we went around the museum which was okay, but I was bored and quite noticing the time 😉 Anyways. That ended and the group had the option of staying in Geneva or going back to Collonges. I elected to stay with a group in Geneva, go around, get some pizza and such before returning. The others did stay a bit longer to go get French pastries, however I decided to go back before them catching all the trains just right and arriving back at the bus station by 620pm. It was then a ‘lovely’ walk up the hill of death, whereby I arrived back at the school by 635pm. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Anyways, that’s really all that happened. Was a great day and pictures will be posted soon.


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