Hiking Mont Salève!!!!!!

So I awoke today quite excited. It was first off Sabbath and secondly I was going to be able to go to the top of Mont Saléve. At first, I thought it would be simply a bus ride up…at least that was what the group had planned. However when I went downstairs around 2pm for departure, I ran into Shelley a girl who goes to school here, who asked me to join her on a hike to the top. I..could not really say no and said yes. To which effect I had a blast! The top of the Mont is 1300m or 4265ft. I don’t know what altitude I started at, however lets just say it took about 2hrs to get to the top and it was some climbing. What better way to spend Sabbath? In nature and in the view of such a majestic foe that the mountain offered, it’s hard to imagine a better day. I did get understandingly tired on my way up however once there, it felt good. I was and still am quite proud to have hiked to the top of it. Probably one of the hardest hikes I’ve had in awhile. Anyways once getting to the top we walked across some cow pastures, apparently they feed the cows at the top. As well we also saw a lot of para-gliders on their way down – the top of Mont Saléve is good for that. We went over to another path which brought us by a flag that had been painted on as an April Fools joke by a group of American students roughly 20 years ago. The story behind it is quite funny. In essence one night they went up and painted the Swiss flag on the Mont. The French guard was mobilized as well as police etc because it was believed that Switzerland was invading. However they found out it was an American prank and made those who had done it go up every day to scrape off the flag before they had to leave…eventually it was repainted to do a French logo that is in this region. Similar to the Swiss cross, however also not the Swiss flag. We went there and then we began our descent which took around an hour or two in total with the hike to see the flag. I arrived back to the school at 6pm worn out and ready to eat then relax for the evening. What a beautiful Sabbath Day!!!


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