Majestic Grandeur and Epic Failure

Today was a day I was highly anticipating. We were going to Mont Blanc! To say the least, I am stoked. The only thing that held me back was the early wake-up time, but that’s okay. So we got on the train to head to Chamonix, the town where Mont Blanc is located. The train ride was long, around 2-3 hours however with the beautiful scenery and good reading I was not really too bored. We only had to ride two trains on the way there and both times I had a good view to the area around me. Upon arriving in Chamonix we headed over towards the lift that would take us to the top of Aiguille du Midi, one of the highest cable cars in the world. There was no cable going to the top of Mont Blanc specifically, however we were on the mountain next to it. It was extremely cold out there and I was very happy it was not raining and snowing. With a peak height of 3842m or 12604ft there was quite a climate change and I was wearing layers. I wish I had brought a coat but I did not think it would be needed. Either way I still enjoyed myself. There were a number of skiers or snowboarders there, however it was an extremely treacherous place to do so. With holes in the snow/ice and the speed and rocks and lack of ski patrol this really is living on the edge. Not a place I am qualified to snowboard or ski, that is for certain. We finally came to the bottom around 2pm after having spent 3 hours around the top. Next stop was lunch afterward we had free time and I headed to call relatives for mothers day while it rained. That completed, I headed outside, took pictures of the area, and toured around before heading back to load our return train. The return ride was much longer and we had 4 trains we had to ride on the way back, even arriving at a different station. Around 11pm we headed back due to not being able to contact the bus. It was a wet rainy evening, I finally straggled in soaking wet at midnight. Really it good day but the end was quite disappointing and infuriating.


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