Arriving in Paris, a Tomb, and the Arch de Triumph!

So, today was a pretty exciting day. We finally left the Collonges area to head for Paris. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for awhile and despite the early morning start we had to have, it was still going to be a blast! We almost missed our train on the way there due to several late individuals, but luckily we did not, though it was close, very close. It took a couple hours to get there and once we did, we headed to our hostel, dropped off our stuff, and then went to eat at a buffet. The buffet was pretty filling and afterward we left to head to Notre Dame – a couple of us made a side visit to the Catacombs under it. All in all Notre Dame was pretty cool and we were now able to check into our hostel, so we headed back. I was lucky enough to get my own room, even if it was on the 6th floor…and began to head up the long staircase. To say my room was nice would be a lie….it was kinda…grungy. I’d have to say this is one of the worst hostel’s I’ve ever stayed in. It really encouraged me NOT to stay around in my room.

So after checking in a group of us headed off to explore the city. We rode the subway and got off near Napoleon’s Tomb. Basically it’s held inside a church with a golden dome. Afterward he headed off to the Arch de Triumph. I was really looking forward to this part and several of us purchased tickets to climb to the top. Thanks to a discount for students it was around 5 euro. There was no elevator to get to the top so we had to climb, one stair at a time… That was a long climb up. The view was nice and you could see a good amount of the city. We headed down Champs-Élysées to see the sights and stuff. It was cool to be on that street, grabbed some food, and then headed back to the hostel for sleep. Tomorrow I go to Versailles and I am really looking forward to that!!


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