Versailles, the Bastille, and the Eiffel Tower!

So today was the best day of my trip, I was going to Versailles! This has been my dream since just about…forever! The morning started relatively early as I headed downstairs to grab breakfast. A group of around 10 of us set out with 8 planning to only see the garden. That left myself and one other to go inside and see the entirety that Versailles had to offer. Words can not describe what it was like, it was simply awe inspiring, to think that someone made something of this magnitude. I do not know if any man-made structure can exceed it. In fact thus far I’ve not seen one that can. From the Palace itself to the Gardens to the numerous areas that surrounded it, I can easily see why the French revolution occurred. After spending several hours there, we left around 130 to head to lunch afterward going to see the Bastille monument. I guess in a way we were tracing the events of the french revolution around. It was cool to see and after being unable to head inside Saint Chapelle, we headed back to the hotel to await the time when we would go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Luckily this monument had an elevator, so it was easy to get to the top and see things. The view of the city was gorgeous, yet still cold. Luckily I was wearing several layers. After the sun went down the tower lit up and you could see the rest of the city light up as well. It was very pretty, you have to be there to see just how pretty it is. A long day it was and I quickly fell asleep upon getting back. I’d have to say that this was my best day.


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