The Louvre and Saint Chapelle, then off to London!

So today was the day we would get to see the Louvre. I was looking forward to that as I wanted to see the Mona Lisa. We got there and checked in around 10am and were told to meet up around noon to head to lunch. Well lets just say the Louvre is enormous. You can not keep up with it all. I went to the Mona Lisa first and then proceeded to walk around looking at the different era’s of original art they had inside. While it was cool to see all of it preserved, I must admit that I did get a tad bit bored – I guess I am not much of an artist. We headed to lunch and afterward though the original group plan was the Arch de Triumph – which I had seen already and was going to skip – we instead had free time due to a couple members of our group being late to meet back at the Louvre and therefore canceling the Arch de Triumph plans for others. I was happy I had gone to see it earlier and felt sorry for those who had not.

I hopped on the metro and headed to Saint Chapelle though my battery died, due to forgetting to charge it after yesterday’s events, I was awestruck by the Church itself. While Notre Dame may be more famous, this church outshines it with the intricacy of its glass work. At least…in my opinion it does. Nevertheless, I was happy to have seen both, stopping at a couple shops on the way back to grab souvenirs from Paris.

We all loaded the bus and headed for Gare du Nord, the train station we would depart from to head to England. It was a nice train ride and a surreal experience upon arriving in London to see cars driving on the WRONG side of the road. Several revelations occurred for me at that time. First of all when our bus was traveling in the far right lane, it was not the ‘fast lane’ instead it was the ‘slow lane.’ Secondly I wonder…do they call it the left of way for faster cars? As we call it the right of way in the US. Thirdly why on earth would they drive this way…I mean most of the world drives the other way. Anyways we arrived on the campus which was small and headed to our rooms which I must say are more than a bit crowded – we have 6-9 to a room – before checking the internet and going to sleep.


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