Where the heck are the trashcans?????

So it’s a mundane Monday. We have a lot of class today, and then to top it all off, a test tomorrow. Luckily this material is something I’ve really already covered, and I’m sure that out of the 100 questions, some will answer themselves upon comparison. After class I headed back to our dorm area, Moor Close to study. It was a beautiful day and as has been my custom, I’ve always grabbed a couple apples from the cafeteria to snack on throughout the day. However with this snacking comes a need to throw them away once complete and thus brings up my question…where are the trashcans? I mean seriously the nearest trashcans are located in the bathrooms, not even one in a public area….Yes I know it’s a rant, but still…anyways I was up pretty late, till like 2am before I decided to catch some shut eye. Till Tomorrow!


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