Joseph – By Terri Fivash

Hands down this is my favorite book about Joseph. Fivash constructs an entire world for her readers, one which I’d not considered, with a wealth of characters and locations. It’s not enough that she gives Joseph a unique 3-D function, she also does that to his supporting cast of Characters, a fact that goes a long way towards making this book so engaging. Hands down this is the best book I’ve ever read. I’ve read this book easily around 35+ times and each re-read brings to light new information or experiences.

Fivash’s Joseph begins with his being thrown in the well and then being sold. His story continues with an interesting look at the Ishmaelite trader and the likely familial connection that would have been had. The motivations behind the purchase and sale, present an interesting ‘could have been’ for readers. Continue on with a look into the societal restraints of the day, as well as the inherently political atmosphere that regulated the daily constraints for those within Egyptian society.

If you ever take a chance to pick up this book you will be in for a treat and a surprise as there is much to learn and explore. I hope you take this chance to explore Terri Fivash’s Joseph and get to know an entirely complex world and society through 460 pages that always seem to speed by once I pick up the book. Easily 5/5 stars, I’d give it more if I could.


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