Dahveed 4: Yahweh’s Soldier by Terri Fivash

This was another excellent addition to Terri Fivash’s repertoire of books. The Dahveed series has truly progressed remarkably. What I appreciated the most in this book was the political nature of what was discussed. I have to admit I always was frustrated sometimes when Dahveed would refuse to take action and at least with how it’s presented here, it makes sense.

Characters are believable and given depth. Though I was a tad bit confused at times with all the back and forth amongst the 5 cities, it served to set a backdrop for Dahveeds actions there. Furthermore, the Lords plans and coming to fruition, I can see how it could have been done this way.

I wait now impatiently for the next book, this series is the best look at any of the characters surrounding this. I can only hope that we see much more to come out of Fivash as she introduces her readers to the world that was.


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