Big House, Empty Promises

The Big House on Adams Street by Alberta Sparks was a book that I picked after seeing it had not had many reviews of yet. I wanted to give it a chance and the idea for the story sounded promising. The story is loosely about a man named Fritz and a group of individuals that start a house in pre- Civil War America, even this information is not fully described at first. For the first two chapters, not once is the information on the time period of the book shared. Sure, you can guess, however, it’s not stated, which to me is a bit of a flaw.
I really tried to get into this book, but the story was very disjointed. It started so many stories and yet I felt it never gave adequate time to the characters that had already been introduced, resulting in an almost ‘flat-character’ state for a few of them. The story also ended on a very abrupt note, almost as if it was rushed and a bow/ribbon had to be tied around to ensure it was a happy ending.
I would like to say that I could recommend this for individuals to read, however the truth of the matter is, that while it is a brief read, it is also not something I can recommend for purchase. At the end of the day, within this genre, there are other books that can speak to a community being created without the piecemeal story given in the Big House on Adams Street. As a result I give this book 2/5 stars, for there were some anecdotes in the story I found enjoyable, however on the whole it was not a book I would read again or suggest.
I received this book for free from BookSneeze in exchange for my honest review.

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