Christian’s Quest – Timeless Fun

Pilgrim’s Progress, the inspiration for this book has been a favorite of mine for some time now. Having read Little Pilgrim’s Progress and now Christian’s Quest, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I appreciated the adaptation because it provided different insights and perspectives.
The primary reason I selected Christian’s Quest to review was for my little brother. I wanted to see if this book would be manageable for him to read at the age of 9, while the book is a little long, I found this an easier read than Little Pilgrim’s Progress for younger children. The illustrations also went a long way towards making this book geared towards a younger generation. While I’m not sure if this will entice him to make his way through the book, it at least is the best attempt I’ve seen that stays close to the intent of the original Pilgrim’s Progress.
If you enjoy adventure books, you will enjoy Christian’s Quest, no matter your age. Christian’s Quest brings Pilgrim’s Progress to a more modern age, allowing many different backgrounds to better understand what happened and the application of Christian’s quest in our own life. Due to the quality of this book, I am happy to give Christian’s Quest 5 swords out of 5 for an excellent job. I thoroughly recommend this title.
I received this book for free from Moody Publisher’s in exchange for my honest review.

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