Gripping New Adventure Series

I had a pleasure to start reading Mark Frost’s “The Paladin Prophecy” over the past two days. I was greeted with a well written, engaging storyline. This book was reminiscent of others within the Young Adult Fiction genre. Much like I am Number Four or Percy Jackson and the Olympians, we have a story that centers on youth who are supposed to save the world. The cover of Paladin is what first intrigued me to take a chance on the book, which coupled with the title promised to at least be an interesting story.
Paladin far exceeded my expectations. We’re introduced to Will, a teen who for his whole life has been on the move. Unlike most parents, his parents pushed him to be mediocre. For most of his life, Will did not understand that, what was the purpose? Why would they hold him back? Some of the answers to those questions comes crashing into his reality and starts him off on a journey where he must make new friends to survive. Who is friend and who is foe? Who can he trust when even his own parents are suspect?
If you enjoyed I am Number Four or the Percy Jackson series, you will love Mark Frost’s “The Paladin Prophecy.” Due to the exemplary writing, and the enjoyment I derived from the book, I am happy to give Paladin 5/5 swords for a job well done. I eagerly await the next novel in this series.

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