The Chariots Slave – Never Realized its Potential

The Chariots Slave by R. Lynn was a book with a lot of potential that was never realized. It was not the basic story that was the problem, but more the transition and poor editorial skills. It’s almost like this was the first draft of the book as opposed to the finished product. That being said, there are a few gems in this book that make it worth a read. Also, be warned, if you are getting the Kindle version of this book, the layout is also off, which at times makes for a very perplexing read. Almost as if the conversion was not handled properly.

Now to delve into the book, Sellah is sold into slavery by her drunken father. She has plenty of temerity, what one would expect from the heroine of a story, but her pride is not tempered by the reality of what would occur. Even at the beginning we see her respond disrespectfully to one of the slave caravan guards, and then at the auction we see her respond again. While having spirit is good in a slave, it’s also not something that would have been allowed, there most certainly would have been consequences. All in all however, I can ignore that. The other characters in the book Simeon and Thaddius are extremely frustrating. Both of them feel for Sellah, and Thaddius gets upset because he sees Simeon cares. For two who are supposed to be like brothers, they act anything but and Thaddius goes on a tyrannical reign just to prove he is ‘Dominus’ and ‘deserves respect.’

I will not say anything more on that topic just because I would prefer not to spoil the story. We have an old-fashioned love triangle of sorts brewing. The positive thing I can say for myself on this book is that I got it when it was free, I would not have wanted to waste $3 on this book, especially as the writing and format of the book are less than ideal. I would not recommend this book to others until these problems and inconsistencies are fixed. There are plenty of other similar books out there for you to explore that are actually worth your time and money. 2/5 stars for a good plot that needs a lot of sprucing up.


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