A New Day Has Dawned – Ruth and Boaz Reborn

Mine is the Night by Liz Curtis Higgs is an enchanting retelling of the classic tale of Ruth and Boaz in the guise of Jack and Elisabeth. Our story begins with sadness as Elisabeth and her Mother-in-Law, Marjory travel back to Selkirk following the defeat of their family in the Jacobite rebellion. Marjory, unused to living in poverty is in the beginning a prideful woman, however as the story progresses we begin to engage ourselves with her story.

Higgs has just the right mix or romance, heartache and hope in a story that will become difficult to place down. Though this is the second book in Higgs’ series, it is easily a standalone novel. You need not read book 1 in order to become fully comfortable with book 2. What makes Mine is the Night so great is the character depth. Jack and Elisabeth draw you in,they are complex three dimensional characters as opposed to the often flat characters that one might find. In Christian Fiction, what I look for the most is an intriguing story that grips me. I enjoy drama, emotion, healing, and redemption.

I really enjoyed the manner in which Higgs crafted her tale and would fully suggest this novel to anyone who is looking for a retelling of the Biblical Tale of Ruth and Boaz in the guise of 18th Century Scotland. You will enjoy the romance, you will enjoy the joy that can be discovered. 5 Candles out of 5 for what has been a thoroughly enjoyable read.


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