A Modern Day Fairy Tale

Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck was a great modern-day fairy tale. The story begins with heartbreak as Susannah is broken up with by her long-time boyfriend, of course, as she lives on St. Simmons Island, it’s not long before everyone in town knows about the break up and the words that were used. With her heart in pieces and her plan for the future in shambles, Susannah is the last person on the lookout for love. Of course, the moment you stop looking for love, it’s always been my experience that love will find you.

The hero in this story, Nate is crown prince of the little known Kingdom of Brighton. His whole life, he’s been caught up in a plan, what his birthright demands of him, that one day he will be King. Desperate for an escape, for a chance to experience life before he ascends to the crown, Nate was relieved to be sent to St. Simmon’s Island to speak at a charity event. While the trip was initially supposed to be one to refocus him on his duties, it turned out to be a trip that revived his heart. But will the revival of his heart matter? Will he be able to act on it?

When Susannah and Nate meet, a quiet friendship is formed. It’s clear that both parties are falling in love, even if neither side will put words to it. What really characterizes their relationship with one another is an intense connection with God an intertwined string. Once Susannah finds out he is in fact Prince Nate, she helps him in ways he never imagined. Events happen that cause Nate to go home, and both sides try to move forward. Of course, this would not be a modern-day romance if the story were to end this way. I however will leave you with just this to set the scene. Now on to why I enjoyed the story. What characterized this story for me was the relationship between Nate and Susannah, both characters were complex, they were similar yet in opposition. The moment they started working together, you could see the results, and the plans God had for them. Even more comically was the fact that Susannah wanted to live her life by a plan, and hated the absence of one. Nate meanwhile, hated to live his life by a plan and wanted to live without one. How these two relate is what makes this story so great.

If you enjoy the romance genre, this will certainly be a book you will appreciate reading. While the events are in no way accurate, as in there is no Kingdom of Brighton, the story will grip you, move you, draw you in. If you’re not interested in Christian Fiction, this is not going to be the book for you. There are many references to God in this book, especially God’s plan for your life. For me, that is something I enjoy, but again, it may not be for everyone. I’m giving Once Upon a Prince 4 crowns out of 5 for a great modern-day romance. I look forward to more books from Rachel Hauck in the Royal Wedding series.

I received this book from free from BookSneeze in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to give a favorable review. Any opinions shared on this title are my own.

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