Fiction more than Biblical: David and Bathsheba

David and Bathsheba is a book that I’ve seen done many times by different authors. After all, the tale of a King anointed by God, King David, supposedly a man after God’s own heart who committed adultery AND murdered the man for doing his duty is definitely cause for a story. When I sat down to David and Bathsheba, I had certain expectations. I expected the book to give me a glimpse into the story of David and Bathsheba, perhaps to give me new insight or understanding in to how things could have happened. Unfortunately, I could not have been any more wrong. Roberta Kells Dorr, created an almost 100% fictional account of the interaction between David, Bathsheba, and the world they lived in during that time.

While I realize that Biblical fiction is still partly fictional, I at least expect it to be closely related to the Biblical narrative, this account was not. The only thing that was similar was the names. Firstly, Uriah has a mother, and that’s why he refused to come home to Bathsheba, really? That’s not what happened, in the Bible, 2 Samuel 11 shows a more accurate account of Uriah, which leaves me curious as to the inspiration for Dorr’s Uriah. Secondly, Bathsheba leaves Jerusalem to go back to her home. Since when would a wife of the King be allowed to do that, especially since she was the favorite wife?

There were too many inconsistencies and deviations from the Bible for me to enjoy this account. For this reason, I give David and Bathsheba 1/5 stars. I had a hard time finishing the book and would hope the author could do more research before publishing any similar book again. I received this book for free from Moody Publisher’s River North in exchange for my honest review.


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