The World We Live In

I was reading today about a child expelled from school due to a porn career. He’s a teenager, 18, still in High School and he is doing porn to support his family. While the fact that Robert wants to support his family is admirable, I was incredulous that his mother was okay with him supporting them in this way. I try very hard not to judge others, but looking at this story, there’s not a lot I can find to justify this sort of behavior.

Here’s a quote from the Mom “I think he’s the most awesome person in the world. He stood up, and he was the man of the house when I couldn’t be,” she told the station.

I’m not sure how this mother can feel so okay about it. I would be outraged. I would be in tears. I would rather have myself starve and put every last dollar into keeping my child safe. I’d never allow my child to do this. This young man is just starting out his life and already he’s become far more jaded than I had to be at his age and it’s sad, it’s unfair, it’s just plain wrong. While I could debate all day long the merits of the mother and why she allows this, that is not the question we should be concerned with.

The even bigger question we should be asking ourselves is what is our society coming to in America and around the World that teenagers/children have to pimp themselves out in order to make ends meet and basic survival necessities?! What is the planet Earth coming to that parents sell their children’s virginity to the highest bidder?

So many of us go through life with blinders on, yet right next to us there’s a woman on the street crying, a man at his wit’s end trying to pay the bills. What are we doing to help them? I watched a video recently that about an upcoming film called the Hearts of Man, it talks about the hidden cost of the sex industry, how it leads to trafficking. Even what we consider a tiny action can feed into this. Circling back to the topic of Robert, how can we help children/teens realize that they are not a commodity to be bought or sold? It’s going to take a concentrated effort. No one person can change this, it takes a world society to help. Let us end this exploitation together and fight against the corporations that deal in this industry.

The Article I referenced about Robert can be found here:

Another reference is to a video that details the impact of Porn even if you are just watching someone on a camera or looking at a picture:

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