I Am Livia

I did not know what to expect with I Am Livia by Phyllis T. Smith, it was one of the Kindle First offerings. I started the book on Sunday and finished Monday. It was just that good. The characters were gripping, and rich, even from Livia’s perspective. I have always been one to enjoy the Historical Fiction genre. This took me right into the tale of Caesar and his downfall. Livia, is the eldest daughter of one of the conspirators to overthrow Caesar. Since her family has no sons, Livia was given more leeway by her father than typical Roman girls her age. With a sharp mind and wit, Livia starts as a heroine that many can relate to.

Shortly before the plot, Livia is told by her father that she is betrothed to one of his co-conspirators. At first irate, Livia eventually agrees to her fathers request and marries. What follows is the story of a woman who is misunderstood for most of her life. After the assassination of Julius Caesar, her life is upheaval. Only her relationship with Octavius or Tavius as he is known to those close to him saves her.

Livia is perhaps one of the most misunderstood females in Roman history. Labeled as a murderess by some, tramp by others, scheming, and conniving, history leads you into this story wanting to dislike Livia, but instead Smith gives Livia life. With the rich first-person perspective, we are given a sympathetic look at Livia. Whether or not the account is true, I will leave that to the historians, in the meantime, I thoroughly enjoyed this bit of Historical Fiction enough to give this book 5/5 stars for an excellent rendition. The only thing I wish the author would have done is release this book in March to coincide with the Ides of March, but that is the nerdy fan-girl inside me talking! Read this book, and enjoy, make sure you have time to read, you will not want to put it down!


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