Enchanted by Enchanter!

I found the Magio-Earth series by Joanne Wadsworth a week ago, and since then I have not been able to put the books down! Enchanter is the 3rd book in the Magio-Earth series. If you have not yet read Protector or Warrior, I strongly encourage you read both of those books before reading Enchanter as the books are all connected to one another.

Without spoiling Protector or Warrior, Enchanter is the story of Silvie and Guy, two individuals on different sides of a war. Of course, they are doomed to be one another’s soul mate. At first they are determined to end their connection and attempt to move on, but eventually they realize they cannot survive apart from one another.

Along the way we learn more about Silvie and Guy. Silvie starts to develop special abilities, including the ability of fire. Anytime her emotions heat (like when kissing Guy) the whole room gets visibly warm for everyone.

I really enjoyed Enchanter as will anyone who enjoys the Young Adult Romance/Adventure books. This was well written and an easy read. Once again a wonderful book by Joanne Wadsworth, I give this 5 flames out of 5.


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