An Illuminating Start

By Darkness Hid is a WONDERFUL addition by Jill Williamson to the genre of Christian Sci-fi/Fantasy. I found this book on Amazon while looking for new Christian fiction to read. I have to say, from the time I started reading, it was very hard to put this book down. Williamson creates a whole new world for the reader to immersive themselves in.

The main protagonists in this book are Archan Cham and Vrell Sparrow. Archan is a stray (orphan) in the land of Er’Rets. In Er’Rets, strays are distrusted. As a result, for as long as Archan can remember, he has worked as little better than a slave in the kitchen of Lord Nathak, the sponsor of Crown Prince Gidon Hadar. All of that changes when the knight Sir Gavin chooses Archan to be his squire. Archan is immediately introduced into a new world where he begins to learn swordplay and court etiquette. When Archan is caught by Lord Nathak competing as a squire during the tournament, he is told to return to the kitchen and Sir Gavin is dismissed. It seems like for Archan all will be lost, however, a few days later, more changes come propelling Archan into an uncertain future.

Meanwhile, for Vrell Sparrow things seem much better. Vrell masquerades as a stray to avoid the notice of Crown Prince Gidon Hadar who seeks to marry her, by force if necessary. All seems to be going well for Vrell until she is summoned to serve Macoun Hadar as his apprentice. Suddenly, blending into the shadows becomes more difficult as Vrell maintains a difficult cover. When Vrell is sent on a mission to retrieve another new apprentice for Hadar, she meets Archan and the fate of Er’Rets is forever changed.

This book is so well written that it seems like you are standing next to the characters and watching their journey. I am fortunate that the sequels for this book were already released prior to my reading this book! I do not know how I would wait to read the sequel. If you enjoy fantasy and adventure, you will like this book. If you are a fan of Christian fiction, you will definitely love this book. It has created a world similar to Narnia, Lord of the Rings, and Legends of the Guardian King. A world you want to immerse yourself in and never leave.

I am giving this book 5 candles out of 5 for superb characterizations, background, and a plot that grips my attention. It’s time to start on the next book in the Blood of Kings series, To Darkness Fled. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!


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