A Great Beginning

Starters is a Young Adult Dystopian Fiction book written by Lissa Price. This genre has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to efforts of the Hunger Games, Divergent, and other similar books. The main protagonist of Starters is Callie, a youth who has been doing whatever it takes to survive along with her brother Tyler. The book is set in post spore-war California which was ravaged by a disease that wiped out anyone from 20-60. As a result, Starters (youth under 20) are left to fend for themselves while Ender’s (those over 60) exploit the youth. If a youth is not claimed by an Ender they are left in halfway houses (code word prisons) to make them ‘responsible’ members of society.

The entire premise for Starter’s is unique. Callie, in an effort to raise money and find a stable home decides to rent her body out to wealthy Ender’s to ‘experience the wonders of youth again.’ Of course this is not a legal practice, since renting a body is viewed as a job and teenagers are not allowed to hold jobs. All in all, it’s a very scary society where no one is as they seem. A society where you never know if the body next to you is inhabited by an old Ender experiencing life again. In an effort to expand life, Ender’s lost their basic humanity allowing teenagers to be locked up and kept in half way homes after many of their parents and children died. In a way, this book is similar somewhat to the movie Just in Time, but instead to extend the feeling of youth one must inhabit another body.

I would recommend this book to any reader that enjoys the young adult genre. After all, it was well written, has a witty protagonist, and the second book Enders is out now, so you can read Starters and not have to wait for the sequel. As a result of this great storyline that kept me waiting for more and guessing all the time, I give Starters 5/5 stars for an excellent book. I look forward to reading and reviewing Enders Soon.


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