Stars in the Sky

Sing Down the Stars by L.J. Hatton is the start of an exciting new series. Imagine a world visited by aliens, but instead of doing anything, these aliens merely let it rain. When the aliens finally withdraw, you think all will go back to normal, but instead, everything has changed. Suddenly newborns possessed great powers. Each female child stronger than the last.

This is the world that Penn (Penelope) Roma is growing up in. For her whole life, Penn has lived with regret and secrecy. The regret came from killing her twin brother when she was born, an accident brought about by her special powers and her mothers death soon after. The secrecy came from her fathers desire to keep her existence a secret. As a result, Penn was born. Instead of a female, she had to masquerade as a male, to keep her secret, to hide her powers. Growing up in the circus has been a good life for Penn, at least until her father disappeared. Suddenly Penn’s world shatters. The circus is attacked by the Commission who have clearly decided that Penn and her sisters will no longer get to live in their home and instead should be moved to secure facilities.

Penn of course escapes, but is soon separated from her sisters and friends. What follows is an adventure and race against time. Penn wants to reunite her family, but will that be possible?

Hatton writes a superb book in that the characters are easy to relate to. Romance is not the predominant theme, though we do see hints of the beginning of a love triangle. I would say the only thing that frustrated me about this book at times were the time jumps that appeared to take place. Otherwise, the story was well paced and seemed to flow consistently.

Sing Down the Stars has a premise that kept me engaged and now I am waiting impatiently for the next book. If you enjoy adventure and coming of age stories as a girl begins to realize her power, you will enjoy this book. As a result, I am happy to give it 4/5 stars for a great idea that turned into a fun and engaging story.


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