The Fold

If you are a lover of Sci-Fi, The Fold will not disappoint. Peter Cline’s novel drew me in with the interesting cover and kept me with an interesting story. Mike is just your ordinary guy…well if ordinary includes eidetic memory that is.

Due to his unique talent, Mike is recruited to work at a secret DARPA facility. Their job? To develop instantaneous travel by folding space. If you ever saw the movie Interstellar and wondered at that scene where Cooper is looking in at many versions of Murph’s room, I would imagine that this is similar. Of course, as is always the case with the government, nothing is as it seems and as the book unravels and the plot thickens, I found myself being drawn in, piece by piece.

If you enjoy Sci-Fi this is the book for you. Mike is a believable character and the mystery behind the Fold will be one you find difficult to put down. I know that while I was reading the book I stayed up late and only fell asleep when words started blurring together. I suggest if you do read this book, that you take the time early in the day as opposed to at night.

For a great story and engaging cast, I am giving this book 4/5 stars. There were some crazy parts, but on the whole, this book is a definite read for those that enjoy Sci-Fi adventures.


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