Queen of the Deeply Confused

Queen of the Deep, by Kay Kenyon was a book I wanted to like. The premise of the story is about a girl who wanders into another world and is drawn into intrigue and perhaps adventure. Jane Grey grew up with a sense of adventure and imagination. Thanks to an indifferent mother, Jane on a daily basis would run down to explore the basement and play with her special friend, Starling. Jane of course thought this was just her imagination, but it was later revealed that all was not as it seems.

After a near death experience, Jane follows Starling through a door and onto the Palazzo. She wonders if she has suddenly lost it. After all, how can she be on another world, on a ship nonetheless after exiting New York just moments before? All of these questions are still going through her mind as she is presented to the Doge, the Queen of the ship, shares her tale, and is finally accepted into society.

What follows aboard the Palazzo is not as it seems. In fact, it seems at this point that the story goes so far one way and another that I wonder what exactly I should be hoping for. At times in the story, I wanted to stop, at other times but there was just enough of a mystery to see it through.

This book is definitely not one I would recommend for teens under the age of 17 due to references to adult interactions. I feel as if the book definitely could have done without that. All in all, the farther along the story I went, the more I felt that it was several hundred pages too long. As a result, I am giving this book 3/5 because I felt a lot of the time like the characters were not loyal to themselves.

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.


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