Lost and Found

Lost Princess by Dani-Lyn Alexander is a continuation to the Kingdom of Cymmera trilogy. In this book, we get to see the development of Ryleigh. When I first agreed to read this book, I did not realize that it was part of a trilogy, but even not knowing the rest of the story, that really only holds you back for the first chapter or so. I did go back and read the first book so I would understand more, but you can read this without reading the first if you choose, although it may take you time to learn who the characters are.

Alexander does a great job at introducing characters and making them engaging. My only complaint to this book was its tendency to rush through situations. While on one hand I enjoy not having the bad scenes drawn out, sometimes as a reader if you give me instant gratification too fast and solve the problem too early, it takes away from the gravitas of the moment. In this book there were several times where I thought a resolution appeared too fast for the situation at hand to have really even settled in. For this reason I am giving Lost Princess 3/5 stars. I did like the book and my only complaint was what I thought rushed storytelling.


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