Gene(ie) Princess of the Core

Imagine a society where DNA determines everything. Imagine a society where some members on their 16th birthday undergo a transformation, turning them into a prodigy with different powers. Imagine a society that attempted to breed the strongest and best genes together, arranging marriages and experimenting on unwilling prodigies to breed a super-human prodigy. Imagine a switched at birth princess whose powers have the capacity to turn everything the core has ever known on its head.

In Gambit, C.L. Denault does a great job at building a future, that if true, would be incredibly bleak. In Gambit, prodigies are a hunted lot, especially in towns outside the Core. Anyone that registers in these small villages is taken away, if they do not register, then they are still taken away. Willow, our heroine in this story, sees everything she ever loved ripped away on a fateful night. Suddenly she is the sought after heiress, and has to leave behind everything she has ever known, her family, her friends, and the life she once saw for herself.

I like Gambit because it has an easy to follow story that keeps you engaged chapter after chapter. When I started the book late one evening, I had a hard time placing it down. My only complaint was the constant antagonism between Reece and Willow and then her mooning over him. I feel like her emotions flip-flop so fast. Then again, she is 16, so perhaps that comes with the territory. I am giving this book 4/5 butterfly knives for a great story.

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.


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