A Touching Story of Adoption

The Rainbow Egg is a short children’s novel about adoption. Hope one day has an egg, a rainbow egg and knows that she needs to find a nest to raise this egg in. Unfortunately, she cannot find a nest. She travels far and wide searching for a place to settle and watch over the egg and almost gives up hope until she finds a chicken house. In this chicken house she sees many nests, but each nest is full with an egg. What will happen next? Will she find her happy ending?

This book brings to light delicate topics such as adoption. While I would not necessarily recommend this book for every family, it is good for families that are considering adoption, have adopted, or whose children are asking about what adoption means. This is an easy way to explain to children why some children are adopted and the loving home that they can find with a family that needs them.

I believe that some of the pictures could have been drawn better, but find overall that this book has a decent enough (if short) story. I am giving this children’s novel 3/5 stars.

I received this book for free from BookLook in exchange for my honest review.


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