The Return to Doon

Destined for Doon is the follow up to Doon and picks up shortly after the last book (at least, shortly after in Doon years, slightly longer in Earth years). Of course, destroying the witch was not as easy as the end of the last book (Doon) would have us think. In fact, Doon is slowly being destroyed as an evil curse races to consume the land. This curse turns citizens in to zombies and Veronica knows she must save the kingdom soon, or risk everything she loves disappearing. This is why she sends for trusty friend and sidekick MacKenna, sending none other than Duncan to go and retrieve her. Of course, Duncan and Kenna are not exactly feeling the closest at this time. Duncan is still hurting after she left him 2.5 Doonian months ago on the bridge, and Kenna is still trying to let go of her dream prince, who she now realizes was her chosen calling.

It was almost painful watching those two together. In fact, I feel like they were both working against each other so strenuously.  While I realize love can cause you to be blind and sometimes lose touch with reality, the level to which both Veronica and Duncan went was excruciating. I feel like as well that sometimes the reactions they would have or decisions they would make were somewhat out of character.

Another fact that concerned me was the on again off again, hot-cold-lukewarm relationship between Jamie and Veronica. I guess I do have to keep remembering they are both young protagonists in the book, but still, how they relate seems so lopsided and I also do not understand why Veronica just doesn’t give the kingly duties back to Jamie. While I know she switched places, can’t she give Jamie back the leading man role, at least until they get married?

Despite that, this book was still fantastic. I enjoyed stepping back in to Doon once more and hope to have a chance very soon to read the third book. If you enjoy books with adventure and a bit of romance that sometimes boarders on a bit too clingy and mushy, then you should enjoy this book. As a result I am giving this 4/5 swords for a great book to read.


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