An Awesome Adventure

Paladin, by Sally Slater is an absolutely FANTASTIC book! Paladin is the story of Sam, Braeden, and Tristan who are sent out on an epic quest. Tristan is the best Paladin in ages, in fact, he holds the prestigious position of first Paladin. Meanwhile Braeden and Sam are his trainees. As Thule threatens to descend into chaos due to an increasing number of demon attacks, Tristan is sent on a quest to figure out who the Uriel are and what their intentions are. What follows is an adventure sure to grip readers as they delve in to the story.

Paladin had a great mix of humor and adventure. Sam was a great version of comedic relief, not to mention, inspiring to women/young girls who read the book. After all, Sam is all about shattering her boundaries and doing what makes her happy instead of what society dictates. Another character I enjoyed in this book was Braeden. Braeden is a tortured soul who for his whole life has been ostracized due to his half demon heritage. In Braeden, the reader will find that piece of themselves who is never quite accepted.

I really enjoyed this book because I found the characters easy to relate to. Sam, Braeden, and even Tristan were so wonderfully written that you could feel the emotion from the words on the page. I found it impossible to place this book down and unfortunately stayed up a bit too late. My only concern is, sometimes I was really curious about who the demons were, and how they could defeat so many of the fearsome creatures, even if they were without the logical reasoning powers of humans. Either way, for a great book and an engaging story line, I am giving Paladin 5/5 swords!

I only hope that the author will be writing another book to make this into a series, there are a lot of unexplored topics and storylines I would love to read.

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.


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