Rushing into the Void

The Void of Muirwood, book 3 of the Covenant of Muirwood trilogy was absolutely fantastic! If there was ever any ambiguity before to the author’s Christian persuasion, that was definitely dispelled in this book. I will reiterate once again that Jeff Wheeler does a fantastic job at crafting an allegorical tale for his readers to relate to. In The Void of Muirwood, we come back to Muirwood with everything poised on a precipice. Maia is arrested and imprisoned within the kings tower, faced with impending death if she refuses to sign the document of succession. Of course Maia refuses and as the execution block looms and she learns about her fathers untimely demise, it almost seems as if all will be too late. Maia of course does end of surviving (after all, these stories center around her) and realizes that she has a rough road ahead as the Medium uses her to accomplish its will.

What I liked about Void of Muirwood were the surprises and twists that unfolded in the story. I will admit to having a few points of confusion but that may have centered around my inability to understand exactly how the powers for masons worked until book 2 and 3. The Void of Muirwood was so well written, the characters so well matched it was impossible to place down. As a result, I am giving The Void of Muirwood 5 torches out of 5 for a great book that you should definitely read as soon as you are able. I am definitely rushing in to this void!

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.


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