Emissary Down

I liked but did not love Emissary. While Thomas Locke did a good job crafting this story, he was not able to bridge the gap between good and amazing. Emissary comes across strong, an intriguing plot, winning character concepts, but those characters quickly turned pedantic and the plot progressed faster than seemed logical leaving often time major gaps and forcing the reader to play catch up.

Emissary is the story of Hyam a boy who has an uncertain background that starts him out on a life altering quest. Along the way Hyam discovers new locations, friends, and ultimately a malevolent evil that must be slain to save the world. While this is a great concept when you start reading the book, as a reader I always want that story to develop further, to make me understand why I care about that. Instead, I am just left shaking my head as the most formulaic story and character interactions are used time and again.

I wanted to like Emissary, but sadly I only feel ho-hum about the concept. I hope that for book 2, the author changes his approach and gets a little deeper in to who the characters are, their motivations, and why things matter. I am giving this book 3/5 stars.

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.


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