The Seventh Bride


The Seventh Bride was a book I had difficulty engaging with. This book, by T. Kingfisher is the story of Rhea, a miller’s daughter who suddenly finds herself engaged to a reclusive nobleman, Lord Crevan. Lord Crevan approaches her father and due to Lord Crevan’s standing as a nobleman the family is unable to say no. After all, commoners do not turn down Lord’s no matter how creepy they are. Rhea arrives at his house and quickly finds out that everything is far worse than she believed at home. Aided by a friendly porcupine, Rhea sets out to complete tasks and ultimately seek her freedom before tying the knot and sacrificing a part of herself.

While the plot had engaging elements, I feel that overall there were too many plot holes that never seemed to find resolution. Furthermore the often violent imagery of the book took it out of the realm of fairy tales that I would enjoy reading and gave it entirely too dark of a perspective. It is for this reason that I am giving the book 3/5 stars. If you enjoy a darker fairy tale, and do not care if there is gruesome imagery, this would be the book for you.

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.


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