A Cold Start

Winter Fae by Suza Kates was a book I wanted to like. Unfortunately, I found the book a very slow beginning and quite confusing. Usually I find it easy to finish books with fae, but in this serious, I felt like the characters were too unpredictable to ever relate to.

Tate, Fiona and Sami are three sisters born to fulfill a prophecy. After the boy Tate loves is thrown through a portal, Tate has no choice but to try and complete a quest for Emuirdane an Iele Fae prince who wants the power of the sisters three and uses an age old debt to cash in on it as well as throwing Jake, Tates love in through the portal. As they begrudgingly enter and hopefully retrieve Jake in the process Tate and her sisters are in an adventure for their lives as they attempt to complete the quest and escape.

Again, I could never quite engage with this book. The characters never seemed to draw me in. I do see that there is a prequel and I will be reading that soon which perhaps may give me a bit more context for this book. As a result of a confusing first book, I am giving this 3/5 stars.

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.


2 thoughts on “A Cold Start

    • Very true, and the saddest part was I really wanted to like that book. The name was awesome and the premise sounded good, it just did not mesh with me. For others though, it may.

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