Are YOU Chosen?


Girl of Myth and Legend by Giselle Simlett is the first book in the Chosen Saga and it is off to an amazing start! If you enjoy reading fantasy novels, this will most certainly be the book for you. Girl of Myth and Legend is the story of Leonie a not so ordinary girl living an ordinary and predictable life. One day all of that changes as she is marked Chosen. Soon she learns of a world that she never imagined could have existed. A world of magic and rules, friends and foes. All Leonie knows is that visiting that world will change her life, oh and she also just may destroy it, a lot of responsibility to bear for a 17 year old who is also the last Pulsar in existence and the first in 200 years. If that is not enough, she also has to deal with Korren, her Kytaen guardian that just cannot seem to decide if he wants to guard or forsake her. After all, he has a lot of anger inside.

In Girl of Myth and Legend, Simlett has created a vivid and deep literary landscape as we alternate between the viewpoints of Leonie and Korren. I have not read anything like this before, and the uniqueness kept me guessing. This first novel is the story of Leonie as she struggles to understand her place, to bear the burden of being the last Pulsar, to stand apart from those who would control her, and maybe, just maybe, to defend Korren and heal his hurt. Leonie is unique in more ways than one. As a heroine, it was her compassion that drew me to her the most. She’s not powerful in strength, but in purpose she is mighty, she is legion. Korren meanwhile also struggles to understand his place and reconcile the hurt he has suffered whilst serving the chosen. Will he be able to separate Leonie from all that came before her? Will he fight to save her even as he rages to be free and escape his chains?

I am giving Girl of Myth and Legend 5/5 stars for a simply amazing book that is more than just a fantasy novel. While some of the mythical aspects of this book definitely were hard to understand, the author does an admirable job of trying to explain some of the ‘mistier’ aspects of them. Leonie and Korren are main protagonists I want to know more about. They have depth to them and a mutual history of suffering that I believe will one day forge an unbreakable bond or shatter the world in to pieces.

I received this book for free from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.


3 thoughts on “Are YOU Chosen?

  1. Hey, I so enjoyed your thoughts on this book. I found it because Girl of Myth and Legend was tagged as a similar book to mine.

    I especially enjoyed what you wrote about Leonie’s compassion. I tried my best to do the same thing while writing my main character (Charlotte).

    I was wondering if you might be interested reading and also giving a review? You can find a free copy of the book on my website:

    Cheers and many thanks for your blog!

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