A Sad Reality

Her Reality, the first book in the Reyna’s Blood series by Jaliza Burwell was a book that I wanted to like, especially given the amazing cover art! Unfortunately, the reality of the book was not as great as the concept. The story for Her Reality is quite simple. The clan has never accepted Reyna, the sister of the current Warrior chieftain Nolan. The reason, she can see snippets of the future, sense their emotions, and oh…while she heals like a warrior, she is not one! For her entire life she has been an unwanted outcast and after her parents died it became worse. According to Warrior clan rules, females have almost no rights, gaining their standings through their mates’ position within the clan. Reyna thought she had left the clan life behind, but due to an unexpected attack on her house, once again she is back in the village, an unwanted intruder.

What really struck me as odd in this book is the seeming naivety of Nolan. How can he be so daft as to not recognize how his warriors treat Reyna? At certain points in this book I just want to scream at the lack of respect and basic decency that they give to her. I would think that to be a strong chieftain you should be able to protect your family, but Nolan cannot seem to even care to protect her. Reyna is a heroine I feel extremely sorry for, after all, it seems that no one wants her. Even though there are individuals who are kind to her, that makes no real difference in a clan that just runs roughshod over her, treating her more as a pest than a friend or the sister of the current chieftain.

There were a lot of grammatical errors and the names for Nolan and Wyatt were switched back and forth in the latter part of the story. I like the idea behind this story, I just could not support how it was rolled out. I need to know why they hate Reyna more than just that she is different. The level of vehemence displayed by the warriors who are supposed to be protectors just makes you want to vomit. As a result of this, I am giving Her Reality 3/5 stars. I really hope that the author can go back and fix some of these inconsistencies as well as shore up her writing for future releases in this series. I would read a second book as I do like the overall concept to the story.

 I received this book for free from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.


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