Introduction to Fourline

I received this book through the Kindle First Pick for November. Gateway to Fourline, the first book in the Fourline Trilogy by Pam Brondos is a good, albeit confusing start. Our main character is Natalie, a girl who struggles with guilt attending college knowing the desperate financial straits that her family is in. When an opportunity comes for Natalie to earn a job that pays her money beyond her wildest dream, she accepts, entering a new world beyond belief and understanding.

What got me initially interested in the book was the comparisons it had to Narnia. Of course, I did not come in to this book expecting it to be as good as Narnia (which it was not), but I did appreciate the book for what it was. I did have a hard time getting through it at first. I remember reading a few pages and then taking a bit of time to read another book. Eventually I came back and finished this book, and I am glad I did, because it did have a decent plot.

As this is the first in the series I have high hopes for future books to have more well thought out plots and character relationships. This book was good for what it was, a free Kindle First book option. As a result of a good story that does promise better follow-up books in the trilogy, I am giving this book 3/5 stars.


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