Returning to Fourline

On the Meldon Plain, the second book in the Fourline Trilogy by Pam Brondos was much better than book one. Coming back to Fourline was a pleasurable experience and this book was even better than the last. The book begins with Nataline still recovering from the wound in her shoulder suffered at the hands of the Nala that she killed. She sees this Nala in her dreams and her health deteriorates. When one day it becomes clear that she has to do something, she finally returns to the costume shop and Sister Barba, learning that she must return to Fourline once again to undo the damage done by the Nala to both her and Soris, the boy she has a crush on.

Nat re-enters Fourline and quickly finds that much has changed since she was last there, including herself. Armed with her own personal Orb, she is now truly a Sister, and now she must take a mission to save herself and Soris, from the Remnant of the Nala she killed before it is too late.

The only real annoying character in this book is Andris, who only seems good for glowering and general unpleasantness, it is my hope that perhaps the author will find a way to at least humanize him somewhat or kill him off, either way. The other annoyance I had pertains to how everyone is antagonist towards Natalie and never seem to give her the benefit of the doubt. They expect her to be a Warrior Sister, yet she was not raised here. She has much to learn, and they need to be patient with that.

On the Meldon Plain is a tale full of adventure and releases on January 19, 2016. Our main characters in the story all struggle with a sense of belonging and wanting to be accepted. If you enjoy a good adventure story you will like On the Meldon Plain. I am giving this book 4/5 stars for a good adventure that at times progressed too easily/fast through important plot moments.

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.


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