Jumping through the Stars

Starship’s Mage: Omnibus written by Glynn Stewart and narrated by Jeffrey Kafer was a story I enjoyed. I borrowed this audiobook from my library through Hoopla and as a result I will review both the narration and story in my review.

Narration was top notch. I tended to like Jeffrey Kafer’s voice. It had a gravely component to it that gave credence to the type of story Starship’s Mage turned out to be. He was easy to follow and was not over the top or annoying as I’ve found some audiobook narrators to be. I typically listen to audiobooks while driving long distances for work and rate the narration as 5/5.

The story meanwhile was also good. While at times the plot devices to move the story forward tended to appear forced, I really liked the story. In Starship’s Mage, Damien Montgomery has just graduated from Jump Mage school. When his attempts to find a place of work fall flat due to competition from the ruling elite, hope almost appears to be gone until he finds opportunity aboard a freighter that is hunted by pirates. Damien however just wants to jump and is willing to do anything to get his chance. It’s not too long after that Damien and the Blue Jay encounter an attack that causes Damien to break mage law and make an alternation that no one has ever heard of before. Just like that everything changes for Damien and eventually leads to the Blue Jay running from just about everyone as friend and foe grow increasingly difficult to decipher.

If you enjoy gritty Sci-Fi books, you will enjoy Starship’s Mage: Omnibus, especially as the book is free right now on Amazon, you have absolutely nothing to lose. As a result of a good story, engaging cast, and a new twist on Sci-Fi I have not seen yet, I am giving this book 4/5 Starship Mage’s for a good story. The only reason I rated it 4/5 stars as opposed to 5/5 were the plot twists that sometimes were just dropped there to continue the story.

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