Not the Story I Remembered

Luther and Katharina, by Jody Hedlund is not exactly a book that tells a story that I remember. Jody Hedlund attempts to take a tale of Martin Luther’s wife of convenience and weave it in to a love story. In all the reading I have done surrounding Maratin Luther’s life, falling in love worthy of a flirty swoon was never something I could see for the monk turned reformer. In fact, due to the dangerous nature of his life and how consumed he was with his reformation tasks for God, I can imagine he would not have wanted to become too attached to anyone else.

In Luther and Katharina, we see Katharina escape from the cruel cloister and struggle to settle in to life outside the convent. If this had been the extent of this story, I would have had no complaints as the author’s writing style is quite good. My main problem is taking historical fact and changing it just to make the story more ‘romantic’ as if romantic is better than historical accuracy. If you can suspend your disbelief from the departure of Luther and Katharina’s characters, you will enjoy this book, because, as I say, it is well written. If you know the historical background and have done any study whatsoever into this period of time, you will probably find this book as hard to read as I have. For this purpose I am giving the book 3/5 stars for a ho-hum book that featured great writing without much solid facts to back it up.

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.

You may purchase this book from Amazon by following this link.


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