Everealm by JD Wright is the first book in the Everealm series. The story is about Bree, a princess not quite ready to be queen when it is thrust upon her suddenly due to her father’s death. During his reign there was unprecedented peace and prosperity for the Everealm kingdom. Unfortunately, all of that changes. When threats come directed towards the newly crowned Queen, it is clear that she will need all the help she can get if her kingdom is to thrive.

I had a really hard time finishing this story. First of all, it’s quite graphic. This book should absolutely NOT be read by teens. In fact, I find this book to be more suited to those 18 and above. If I had known this book would contain elements like that in the book, I would not have signed up to review Everealm. As it was, I ended up glossing over and skipping those scenes for the most part once I knew when and where to expect them. Secondly, the author seemed to possess an almost lackadaisical approach to plot development. Many time plot seemed to fall out of thin air or was just thrown in to messily close up a plot line. I feel like I know none of the characters as there was only a surface level development unless you count the numerous intimate and even several disturbing rape scenes. Even the evil bad guy, who we are supposed to hate, lacks depth beyond the most basic of pillaging barbarians.

I almost wish I had not finished the book because it broke so many of its own laws and had almost everyone in the book falling in love except the young little princess who might just find her love in the next book if they do a time jump…. All jokes and sarcasm aside, I am genuinely sad I did not like this book. Any time I review a book it is because I think I will enjoy it. I hate having to write reviews like this for author’s that clearly work hard to put out books. Unfortunately, due to weak plot development and nearly flat characters, I am giving this book 2/5 stars. In the future books if the author were to focus less on character intimacy scenes and more on plot development I would be happy to give this series another attempt.

I received this book for free from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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