Infinitely Predictable

Infinitas, the first book in the Destiny is an Adventure series is penned by an author under the pseudonym David N. Sebastian, which is derived from the names of his children. Infinitas is a book about adventure as the world of Aeon, under the shadow of oppressive dragon sorceress Marigot. Marigot has ruled unchecked for over 100 years and this year on the verge of a 100 year old prophecy she is nervous. After all, it was foretold that she would meet her demise 100 years later from one of the blood line of Auturo. Our main heroes, Drake and Kali are part of that blood line. In fact, both of them were born on the same days and have been raised side by side their entire life. When it comes about that they are the ones prophecy has foretold, cousins Drake and Kali must undertake an adventure if they are to stay alive. Joined by friends Harold and Ferra, Drake and Kali must find the lost sword and defeat the dragon sorceress.

If you enjoy fantasy without much angst to the story, you will appreciate Infinitas. While I enjoyed the idea of the storyline, it was far from unique and I feel at times it just threw in random plot points to move the story along rather than have it develop organically. Trouble was always resolved fast, even the final battle, the thing the entire book ramped us up for, was anticlimactic. It is for this reason that I am giving the book 3/5 stars for an okay story, decent character development, and a concept that could get better if it were made a bit more unique and less the typical, me good, you bad style novel.

I received this book for free from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

To Purchase Infinitas from Amazon, click here!


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